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St John Ambulance International Association (St JohnAIA) focuses on Life-Skill Techniques through the development of Life-Training Curricular Modules.

Our aim is to provide the best Certification experience possible while also providing the best user-friendly tools which help promote online education. People have used our educational technology in millions of instances where distance and time would have otherwise prevented them from accomplishing their certification goals.

  • Has over 100,000 users each month
  • Uses custom educational technology
  • Has been used in millions of instances
  • Satisfies groups large and small

These astonishing figures assist us in our mission of providing the best certification experience possible.

With St John Ambulance International Association (St JohnAIA) you’ll find the course you’ll need whether you’re a Healthcare Professional, Workplace Employee or just interested in learning. Our accredited courses are strictly designed to be the most efficient way to earn your certification from the comfort of your home or office, in as little as 20 minutes.

We’ve made all courses available 24 hours a day—making transparency, our priority. We’ve made possible the completion of all courses before payment—pass, and then pay! We also provide unlimited test takes with instant results. Upon passing the test and purchasing your Certificate instantly you’ll be emailed an automated Certificate of Completion (PDF) valid for 3 years. All courses incorporate the latest ECC and OSHA guidelines and are accepted nationally and worldwide backed by our risk-free, money-back guarantee! We’ll also ship your wallet card absolutely free.

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Courses Strictly Adhere to OSHA!

Our online certification courses incorporate the latest scientific guidelines and are aligned with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Best Practices.

Millions of instances

We’re based in the United States with clients nationally and internationally and our users/clients have used our site in millions of instances.

Online Certification Accreditation

Our Accredited Certification coursework are AHA® & ECC/ILCOR 2015* Compliant! Certifications endorsed by AHA experienced Health Providers! Plus, receive your Certification & Temporary Wallet Card instantly, after your purchase

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Use our service absolutely free without providing any personal information. Find what you want, where you expect it, when you need it. Purchase your Certification only if you feel completely satisfied with our training.

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We’re pleased to offer individual groups as well as corporate Group Discounts on all our programs with instant access after a successful purchase – it’s Group Discounts on autopilot. Whether you’re an employer looking to ensure each of your team members are compliant with health & safety rules, or simply a group of students or friends looking to take advantage of a value-for-money offer, our group discounts make getting certified more affordable than ever. Get started with your group today!

We offer significant savings on all Group Packages. All Group Packages begin with a 20% discount. Manage your group’s members, purchase additional courses, and download employee’s certifications and cards. Setting up an account is very simple. After a successful purchase you will be able to manage your Group from your Admin Dashboard. The information from purchasing your Group package will automatically be added to your Admin Dashboard.

Improved Technology, Study Guides, and Testing

Don’t miss out on improving your career prospects due to work or childcare commitments. Certifying with us, you can access learning materials via your computer, tablet or phone at your convenience. Our flexible approach to CPR certification means you can fit in revision and study at the most convenient time for you – 365 days a year – it’s completely up to you when you learn, and completely up to you when you take the tests.

By choosing CPR certification online at your convenience, you’re more likely to succeed. With 24/7 access to all courses and materials, you can work towards a qualification at your own pace, fitting studying around your busy schedule. It couldn’t be simpler, and with fantastic study guides and support available you’re even more likely to succeed.

Get CPR Certified with 24/7 Support

Once you’ve passed your final test, you will receive PDF copies of your certification and card (immediate printing on site and via email after a successful purchase), as well as a hard card within 2-5 business days. Include your certification into your portfolio as proof that you are qualified. All of our certificates are nationally recognized and will only include the course name, your name, date,  ID number and instructor’s name and signature.

Our goal is to help you succeed, so we offer 24/7 Support designed to assist with all your training needs. Upon passing your test, you will continue to benefit from unlimited access to the site and study materials, training classes and modules. When it comes to recertification, you’ll already be equipped with the knowledge to pass the test again.

Our goal is to prepare you for your test in a streamlined, fluid and effective manner. Our focus is on the most important materials required to pass the relevant test, allowing you to receive your certification in the quickest possible time. Where other courses may try to drag things out, our priority is providing you with the essential knowledge needed to help save lives.

Payment Encryption for Your Security

It couldn’t be easier to pay for your certification. All transactions are monitored 24/7 with secure technology for heavy encryption from start to finish – meaning: all information is protected. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

Choose the most convenient path to learning life-saving techniques and achieve qualifications that will boost your employment opportunities and improve your self-esteem. With our results-driven learning outcomes, you can guarantee success the quick and easy way, without even having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Print Certification & Card Instantly

Upon a successful purchase you’ll receive your Certificate and Printable Wallet Card on-site and via email, Instantly.

Nationally & Internationally Accepted

All of National CPR Foundation’s Certification Courses are Nationally & Internationally Accepted. Since we’re based in the U.S. and follow the AHA and ECC/ILCOR (the U.S. Standard) our National and International acceptance rate is exceptionally high, at 99.7%.

3 Year Certification Validity

Our online certification courses incorporate the latest scientific guidelines and are aligned with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Best Practices.

24 Hour Email Support Team

We have a 24 hour Email Support Team ready to answer any and all questions you may have. Please click FAQ’s to review our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us.

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All courses and Exams are FREE with 24/7 availability. Don’t purchase your Certification unless you’re absolutely satisfied!
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You will receive a FREE PVC / Vinyl Wallet Card in the mail within 2-5 business days! We also provide Free Shipping & Handling!

Group Discount Availability

We offer significant savings on all Group Packages – Beginning with a 20% discount group package with at least 5 or more employees. You save as you purchase more; discounts increase incrementally. For groups larger than 200, please Contact Us.